She'd say hello but her mouth is gagged

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Super Sexy Lunch - 4/16/2018

Starring Rachel Greyhound

Bondage Life presents, Sexy Lunch Time with Greyhound.... In this special lunch stream, our favorite little creature gets all dolled up for your viewing pleasure! With her hands cuffed behind her back and dressed in sexy lingerie, stockings, heels and cute little black wig, Greyhound shows off her fun and sexy side during this special stream. Beginning in the beautiful present down position with her jeweled butt plug proudly on display for the camera, our little creature then shows off her fun side as she prances around the living room in her sexy lingerie before she finally gets down to the task at hand and crawls up on to the coffee table to enjoy her lunch. Not content to just relax and enjoy her lunch, Greyhound shows off her sexy side as well as she strikes several sexy poses on the table and even lets her inner object shine through as she kneels with her head back, tongue out and mouth wide open and ready for use!

Latex Lunch - 4/16/2018

Starring Rachel Greyhound

What's better than watching a slave eat lunch?.... watching a latex covered slave eat lunch! In this unique lunch stream, everyone's favorite creature gets dressed up in her latex catsuit, latex gloves, ballet heels and sexy red wig. Before enjoying her lunch, Greyhound shines up her latex catsuit and then gets up and walks around showing off her shiny and sexy latex covered body, then she removes her red wig and transforms herself from sexy slave to sexy object in the blink of an eye. This awesome video also features some great close ups and concludes with the beautiful Greyhound crawling back to her cage where she belongs!

Floor Scrubbing - 4/9/2018

Starring Rachel Greyhound

The Bondage Life Kinky Maid service is back in business! If you hate getting down on all fours and scrubbing your floors as much as we do here at then we have the perfect solution for you, have Greyhound do it! Dressed in only her latex stockings, garters and heels, our chained and sexy maid gets down on all fours and scrubs the floor of her cell so clean she could, and probably will eat off of it!

Greyhound In Self Bondage (With - 4/9/2018

Starring Rachel Greyhound

In this blast from the past, our little creature tries out self bondage! With a pile of wonderful leather bondage gear (provided by Mark from spread out in front of her, Greyhounds imagination runs wild as she wonders what to try out first! After putting in her heavy steel butt plug and using a dildo to plug her worthless pussy, Greyhounds self bondage journey begins as she straps herself into a special leather harness and attached collar. With the harness tightly secured and her holes nicely plugged and filled our little Greyhound adds some sexy leather boots and a very stringent panel gag to her bondage! Not willing to stop there though, our little creature climbs into her bondage bed and secures her wrists and ankles to the four corners of the bed to complete her self bondage. Of course, no self bondage video would be complete without a little struggle and our poor little creature does just that as she realizes there is no way out!

Upstairs Floor Sweep - 4/2/2018

Starring Rachel Greyhound

Our sexy little object is back for another installment of the Bondage Life Kinky Maid Service! In this special stream, our little Greyhound puts on a sexy dress, stockings, heels and a red wig then gets to work cleaning the upstairs loft. She sweeps the entire floor then gets out the Swiffer wet vac and scrubs the entire floor until it's spotless. Once the cleaning is done our little creature relaxes and enjoys her lunch before finally curling up in her cage and resting after a job well done. Also featuring a special appearance by our furry little friend, this is one video that everyone must have in their collection so check it out now!