She'd say hello but her mouth is gagged

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Puppy in Corner - 6/3/2024

Starring Rachel Greyhound

Arched over Back - 5/27/2024

Starring Rachel Greyhound

Spreadeagle on Floor - 5/27/2024

Starring Rachel Greyhound

Tied on Coffee Table - 5/21/2024

Starring Rachel Greyhound

Staked Out - 5/21/2024

Starring Rachel Greyhound

Spring is here and what better way is there to celebrate it than some outdoor bondage! Starting out this lovely stream by presenting down in the dirt with her ass nicely in the air our obedient creature shows off her beautiful naked body, then when Dart_Tech arrives on the scene she lays on her back in the dirt as he cuffs her spread eagle to four metal stakes driven into the dirt. Now bound and displayed nicely in the spread eagle position, a helpless Greyhound lays helpless in the cold dirt and struggles in her bondage, then Dart_Tech eventually returns but instead of freeing our little creature he tosses a bucket full of dirt on her and walks away leaving her to suffer through her bondage!