She'd say hello but her mouth is gagged

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Isabella Position Training - 1/15/2018

Starring Rachel Greyhound

In this special video filmed at the Ivy Manor in LA, Greyhound is trained by one of the worlds most famous Dominatrices, the one and only Isabella Sinclaire! During her stay at the Manor Greyhound was put through her paces by Mistress Isabella, watch as she is trained in a variety of different slave positions and quickly learns and perfects each one with a little corset tightening thrown in for good measure. If that wasn't enough for you, watch as our little creature earns the ultimate reward and is allowed the pleasure of licking Mistress Isabella's boots!

Codey Steele Oral Traning - 1/8/2018

Starring Rachel Greyhound

You've seen Greyhound practice her cock sucking skills during her morning routine, now see her put all that training to use on the real thing! In another great video filmed during Greyhound's trip to LA, our little creature shows what a truly obedient service object she is as she sucks the cock of adult film actor Codey Steele. With lots of great close up shots of all the action, this special video features Greyhound eagerly and skillfully sucking cock, ball worship, ass licking and even some foot kissing thrown in for good measure.

Charlotte Stokely Oral Training - 1/8/2018

Starring Rachel Greyhound

You've seen Greyhound practice her oral skills on a dildo, you've seen her suck cock, now see how she pleasures a woman for the first time! Filmed at the Ivy Manor in LA and featuring the stunning Charlotte Stokely, this must watch video starts with some high heel and foot worship and only gets better from there. See our amazing little creature get smothered under Charlotte's beautiful feet as she rests them on her face, watch as she skillfully removes her panties with only her lips and teeth, then see our little service object put her tongue to good use as she pleasures the lovely Charlotte's ass and pussy before being allowed to suck on her nipples. But that's not all, following a second round of foot and ass worship our little obedient service object is given the ultimate reward and has Charlotte's panties stuffed in her mouth! This is one amazing video that no BondageLife member should miss!

48-Hour Isolationcell Challenge - Highlights - 1/1/2018

Starring Rachel Greyhound

In this condensed version of the 48 Hour Jail Cell Challenge, re-live all of the amazing highlights from Greyhounds stay in the isolation cell (From See all of the emotional and physical challenges greyhound went through while being locked away for 48 hours, from being plunged into total darkness, the special visits from the delightfully devious Mistress Alice( and being chained spread eagle to the wall of the cell, all of the highlights are here in this wonderful video that is a definite must see!

48-Hour Isolationcell Challenge - 1/1/2018

Starring Rachel Greyhound

The original isolation stream featuring Greyhound chained and locked away in a cell for 48 hours is here! Watch as Greyhound is chained and secured in an amazing isolation cell (From, then sit back and enjoy an amazing 48 hours as Greyhound is put through a range of new and often painful experiences! Chained to the wall of the cell and locked behind two heavy steel doors with no chance for escape, our little creature has her mental and physical limits severely tested during this amazing experience, see her get plunged into darkness at the flip of a switch, gets bound spread eagle to the wall of the cell, and watch as she receives several visits from the delightfully devious Mistress Alice ( Featuring foot worship, dildo sucking and a harsh caning, the visits from Mistress Alice are just a small part of this amazing extended video so be sure to check it out today! (Note that this is a BIG download weighing in at 3GB)