She'd say hello but her mouth is gagged

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Throwback: Nap Time - 7/16/2018


In this special feature from the BondageLife video vault Greyhound gets bound and gagged on a bed! Wearing only a gag, thigh high stockings and ballet boots, and with her hands locked behind her back and her feet cuffed together, our little creature does her best to get some rest as she gets the rare treat of sleeping on a bed. Watch as she tosses and turns, squirms, and does everything she can to find a comfortable sleeping position in this one of a kind throwback video!

Greyhound Does Self-Bondage - 7/2/2018

Starring Rachel Greyhound

It's self bondage time with Greyhound! In this never before seen video our bald little creature gets to try out some self bondage and starts out her self bondage journey by locking herself into her ankle cuffs, then straps her feet into her ballet splints before adding a pair of toe cuffs for good measure. Next our little creature locks a metal bondage belt around her waist, locks on her wrist cuffs then secures not one but two pair of handcuffs to the back of the belt! Not content to just secure her hands behind her back and end her self bondage there, she stuffs a rubber ball into her mouth, wraps her head in medical wrap then laces a tight leather hood onto her head. To complete her self bondage our favorite little creature secures one set of handcuffs to her elbows then secures the second pair to her wrist leaving herself completely helpless and secured in tight bondage until her Owner decides to release her!

Some Heavy Cage Time - 7/2/2018

Starring Rachel Greyhound

What's better than Greyhound in a cage?.... A hooded and bound Greyhound in a cage! In this unique video, a helpless Greyhound is secured in strict bondage and spends some time locked in a heavy steel cage. With her neck locked into a heavy steel fiddle and secured to the back of the cage, her hands locked to the sides of the cage, her feet strapped into her ballet splints and with a bondage belt wrapped tightly around her waist, poor Greyhound is left caged and helpless in heavy bondage, then after languishing in her bondage for a bit she has her legs stretched out and locked to the opposite side of the cage then gets a heavy chain wrapped around her waist making her even more immobile. Also featuring appearances by Dart_Tech and Mark Burnley from Serious Bondage this is one video that every Greyhound fan and any fan of heavy bondage won't want to miss!

Wish Wednesday: Hanging Bells - 6/26/2018

Starring Rachel Greyhound

Wish Day Wednesday is back! In this special Wish Day Wednesday stream, Greyhound gets put through a special TENS unit challenge. After being dressed up in her latex stockings, garter belts and ballet boots, our favorite little creature has bells hung from nipple shackles then gets hooked up to the TENS unit. Watch as a helpless Greyhound gets shock after shock as she teeters helplessly in her ballet boots and tries her best to keep the bells silent or face a punishment for making them ring, Greyhound does her best to avoid punishment but will she succeed? Tune in to this special Wish Day Wednesday challenge to find out!

New Cage Roamings - 6/26/2018

Starring Rachel Greyhound presents, Cage Time with Greyhound! In this never before seen video, our naked little creature gets introduced to her new isolation cage/cell for the very first time! With her wrists cuffed closely together and her collar chained and secured to the roof of the cell, Greyhound crawls around her new nearly empty home and does a little exploring as she checks out her new surroundings. Watch as she crawls around, strikes a few poses for the camera, and kneels quietly in thought as she thinks about her life secured in her new cell in this fun video!