She'd say hello but her mouth is gagged

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Dog Bed Hogtie - 9/25/2023

Starring Rachel Greyhound

Working In The Kitchen - 9/25/2023

Starring Rachel Greyhound

New Headshave - 9/18/2023

Starring Rachel Greyhound

Moving In (Gear Edition) - 9/18/2023

Starring Rachel Greyhound

A Leashed Pet - 9/11/2023

Starring Rachel Greyhound

In this short stream, your favorite creature gets to show off her obedience while on the end of her leash! Starting things off nicely bound in her cage, our naked Greyhound is soon ordered out of her cage and then has her tail butt plug inserted into her nicely lubed ass before getting leashed by her owner and led through the house and into the dining room nook where she happily kneels in front of her owner and serves as a footstool. She is briefly led outside on her leash before being led back inside where she is allowed to enjoy a nice bowl of water at her owner's feets before being blindfolded and led back into the gear room where she is locked back in her cage!