She'd say hello but her mouth is gagged

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The Token Zapper Challenge - 9/17/2018

Starring Rachel Greyhound

Bondage Life presents: The Token Zapper Challenge! In this unique video the interactive token system makes its return and gets used to shock your favorite little creature. With a gagged Greyhound locked in her standing cage and wearing only her stockings, garters and high heels, she is treated to a shocking experience by you, the members, courtesy of the three electro pads attached to each of her thighs and her worthless pussy! Watch as she screams in pain when the token goal is reached each time and does her best to keep her nipple bells from ringing or face a punishment!

Gardening With Greyhound - 9/17/2018

Starring Rachel Greyhound

Bondage Life presents: Gardening With Greyhound! In this fun video watch Greyhound show off her green thumb and more while she does a little gardening! Watch a naked and chained Greyhound get down and dirty as she shows off yet another one of her many skills and plants some pretty flowers to spruce up her Owners home, doing it as only she can, wearing nothing but her high heels, a vibrating butt plug and a smile!

Schoolgirl Dress Up - 9/10/2018

Starring Rachel Greyhound

Bondage Life presents: Sexy Schoolgirl Greyhound! In this fun and unique stream our sexy little creature has a little fun dressing up as a school girl. After cleaning her butt plug and trying on her new stiletto heels, Greyhound puts on a little show for you as she dresses up in her school girl uniform, a sexy wig, and black patent high heels, then grabs a dildo and seductively practices her oral skills all for your viewing pleasure! Featuring towering stiletto heels, cage licking, oral training and more this is one sexy video that you'll want to watch over and over again!

Wig Show - 9/10/2018

Starring Rachel Greyhound

In this special lunch stream, Greyhound shows you how she takes care of her wigs. She sits at her make up table in the upstairs loft and brushes her long brunette wig then tries on a few of her other wigs for your viewing pleasure. Eventually our little creature strips out of her cute pink t-shirt and thigh high socks and then laces herself into her heavy leather corset, then with her corset laced tight she puts on her long, brunette wig and models it for the camera as only she can!

Table Torment - 9/3/2018

Starring Rachel Greyhound

Bondage Life presents: Table Torment with Greyhound! In this special feature, our sexy little creature gets bound to the bondage table. Dressed in her leather corset, garters, stockings and heels, a tightly gagged and thigh cuffed Greyhound gets bound to the bondage table for an afternoon endurance session. Watch her struggle and moan through her gag as she fights though the pain of being spread out on the table in this unique stream that is sure to please any Greyhound fan!