Bondage Short Stories

Bound AnklesPart II of Bound Wrists - The trio keep Donna prisoner and begin training her as a slavegirl, constantly kept in restraints of some kind, often painful and contorted bondage positions, and punished almost daily.
Bound WristsPart I - Bound Wrists follows the adventures of a young woman discovering her own submissive nature.
Brooke AthertonBrooke Atherton
Carol's TaleA story by Thndrshark
CasinoA story by Thndrshark
CathySentenced to life imprisonment, freedom forever departed from her life, Cathy discovers discipline undreamed and punishments potent with her screams. Yet she is innocent. In this story of a girl's confrontation with being owned, the author traces the blending of emotions between a captive girl and the man whose property she becomes. Each makes strange discoveries.
Celebrity StatusA story by Thndrshark
CharlotteA story by Thndrshark
Couple TherapyA story by Thndrshark
Endurance Part 1A story by Thndrshark
Escape is ImpossibleEscape is Impossible
Fetters are ForeverThe Estate, an enclave of women where being a ponygirl is a mandatory right of passage and where life always has a kink. For Sybil Charmers, brought to the Estate against her will, life on the Estate was a shock and a constant series of trials and adventures filled with pain and pleasure.
Golden WristsFrom Lawyer to slave to Headmistress of an institution for the attitude correction of the daughters of the rich, to lesbian to slave to... such are the many and varied travails of Diane Durrant plaything for the Machiavellian manipulations of Andrew Eversleigh. A rich, cruel and enigmatic nemesis whose ultimate designs on our heroine are both bold and sinister.
Invitation to EnslavementInvitation to Enslavement
Iron Bars & LoveLana is ambushed by her enemies and sentenced to an indeterminate stay in Lashby Hall - a private penitentiary solely for young, comely women, whose purpose is to incarcerate, instil humility and to punish.
JewelIn this tale of maiden bondage the author touches, with his usual Unerring skill, on the centre and the core of the love of Women. A love that can survive the whip, the cage and the shackles. Nay, not survive! But flourish and flower in pain and suffering and the loss of hope.
JulieJulie lives with shame and discovers humiliations that parallel the pain and penalties of Pillory and cage, of whip and scourge and the lusts of men ... and of a woman!
Jump into BondageJump into Bondage
LearningA story by Thndrshark
My godA girl is transformed into a living sex doll and taught she is nothing more than an object for anything her god desires. Locked away she struggles to cope with the fact that she is now his creation, his property - with absolutely no choice except to obey. A story by Thndrshark
Part TimeThis turned into the inspiration for a fetish film, of the same name. Of course the story is quite a bit more extreme. A story by Thndrshark
Sisters in BondageSisters in Bondage
Slave Girl & the LashThe love of girls is sundered by the male. Our heroine tells it as it happened and in her own evocations. Whipped from one slavery to another, she discovers in their chains and cruelties, their loves and lashes, the unsuspected responses of the whipper and the whipped. Enslaved and tortured, she finds in each Master and in each Mistress a fresh approach to subjugation.
Slave TimeA story by Thndrshark
SteelA young woman's fiance gives her a special gift of beautiful, rigid, solid metal restraints - only when the gift arrives there is more than one surprise and a wedding isn't the only big change in their future anymore! A story by Thndrshark
Strange CaptivityIn this bizarre enslavement which Gail accepts under a compulsion she cannot counter, she finds herself subject to the whims and eccentricities of an entire family. In bondage and in punishment they work their will upon her with strange penalties and even stranger human relationships.
SusanSusan's is the most outrageous slavery of them all. She experiences pain and humiliation as few damsels ever discover. But passion is granted her. A grand crescendo of longing for a man whose marks of love are planted with a whip. So all consuming is her lust that it becomes close to destroying her as she is taken from one unbearable ecstasy to another. Susan has everything because she suffers all.
Sweet Slavery"Sweet Slavery" moves from the business world of New York to the earthiness of a Texas ranch. The Big Apple provides the sophistication of gleaming handcuffs on a girl's wrists, handcuffs to stay clasped for a day, a month, a year - perhaps for life! But the isolated ranch takes possession of the heroine's naked loveliness by coarse rope, hard leather straps, and finally the cruelty of ancient irons. For her there is no escape - never!
The DoctorOne of my first stories, it involves some of my favorite concepts, namely rubber bondage and slave training. A story by Thndrshark
The GiftA story by Thndrshark
The Hellfire ClubThe Hellfire Club
The Magic PrisonThe Magic Prison
The NannyA story by Thndrshark
The Resort
The Sensuality ClubThe Sensuality Club
The StageRead along and enjoy as Corri is forcefully trained infront of an audience into an obedient toilet slave. A story by Thndrshark
The TrainingIt took Lauren a few minutes to wake up. The room she was in was dark, save for a slice of light that crept under the dark shape of a door. As she sat up, she could hear the jingle of something and a tug at her neck. She tried to reach up to find out what the resistance was, but found she could not move her arms. Like a cut that only hurts when you notice it, she could now feel the dull ache in her shoulders. The straps that encircled her wrists and her upper arms forced her elbows to touch and immobilized her arms behind her. As her eyes adjusted to the dim light, she could see that she was naked, a heavy chain leading from a strong ring set in the stone floor to her neck. Lauren didn't have to touch to know that a steel collar encircled her throat, the chain dragging heavily on it. Lauren quickly thought back to her last memories...A story by Thndrshark
Thong SongShe is taken from prison to prison. Sometimes her prison is grim, sometimes gorgeous, but there is never a chance of escape.
TransformedA story by Thndrshark
Trinity CastleGenevra found the castle's attractions mundane until she couldn't get her hand out of the hole and the daughter of Lady Alyath, Mistress of the Castle, put a collar and shackles on her, bound her wrists behind her back and lead her away by a leash to a life of permanent captivity, punctuated by regular applications of the cane and whip.
Valley of the Captive MaidensBrenda Walters was kidnapped from her father's ranch in the Arizona Territory, 1870, just two weeks after her nineteenth birthday.