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Custom Toys - Hot Steel Toys

         Our choice for custom steel toys


One thing I really hate about today's market for BDSM toys is the generic looks, the poor quality and lack of craftsmanship. It's really not that much more expensive to seek out quality gear creators. That's what we've found in Hot Steel Toys. As you can see in the pictures, and if you visit their page, they make some lovely and devious devices for men and women, and their work is truly lovely.

Greyhound is going to enjoy the Pear of Anguish soon (well, 'enjoy' may not be the word), so make sure to look for a stream or many of her wearing it. She's also going to learn to endure the Nipple Lifts as soon as her piercings fully heel. She's already fearful because she knows I'll make her wear them in front of other people, which is wonderfully humiliating!





The pictures above are only a sampling of what they offer, so make sure to check them out, whether you are (or have) a male or female submissive. They make something great for both. Their male chastity cages make me cringe! :-)

For more information about Hot Steel Toys, visit their site HERE. And make sure to let them know we sent you!

Hot Steel Toys - The source of unique BDSM gear (that's their tag line, but it's true!)



Custom Steel - Axsmar

Captivating Steel - Our choice for custom titanium collar & cuffs!

Many of us in the scene dream of that perfect set of collar and cuffs that defines our lifestyle. To greyhound and I, we've always equated perfection with Axsmar. Their tag line really says it all. "Captivating Steel" brings to mind the perfect image we seek, that of strong, unrelenting metal circling our submissive's neck or wrists. What draws us to Axsmar is more than just their product, but the attention to detail they put into every item. They were the first (and I think only) collar manufacturer that offers a completely seamless product. There's nothing better than a circle of metal with no visible locks, no disruption of the band that identifies its wearer as property. And on top of that, they also offer a PERMANENT solution! Yes, if you dare, you can have a collar or cuff set that once closed, has no key hole, no method of removing except to cut it off (which in many cases might be very, very difficult). 

We are expecting our first trial set from Axsmar any day now. What I have ordered is a full set made of Titanium, with a U link and ring (pictured above) for the front, and a U in the back fo her collar, and similar for her wrist and ankle cuffs. Axsmar focuses on accuracy, so I know they will fit perfectly, and thus be very comfortable to wear. I sure hope so, because once I put them on I don't intend to take them off of our girl!

For more information about Axsmar, visit their site HERE. And make sure to let them know we sent you!

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