Affiliate Program

The Bondage Life Affiliate program allows you to earn money by sending new users to our site.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the BLife affiliate program work?

- Webmasters and internet marketers can earn money by sending new users to the Bondage Life website.
- Users that convert and become paying customers earn you 50% of the lifetime value of that users monthly subscription revenue.

When you say 50%, what do you mean?

- We mean you will receive 50% of the gross monthly subscription value for each user you refer to us.
- There are no processing fees, points shaving, or reserves.
- As an exmple, if a member is paying us $29.95 a month, you will receive $14.97 monthly for as long as we retain that user.

How does user tracking work?

- When you send us traffic, that URL will include an affiliate tracking code.
- We create a cookie on that computer that will expire in 180 days from creation.
- Any free users that convert and purchase a subscription will trigger an affiliate payment.
- Cookies are the primary means of user tracking and must be present within the 180 day expiration period to register the conversion.

How and when do you pay?

- we process the previous month's revenue on the 1st of each subsequent month.
- payments are sent out by the 10th of each month.
- payments are sent via check or paypal.

Am I required to fill out a W9 form?

- Yes, all affiliates that are operating inside the United States are required to provide us a completed W9 before any payments can be processed.

How do I get started as an affiliate?

- Please click the button at the bottom of the page to view the terms and conditions.
- Fill out the affiliate registration form.
- Get your affiliate tracking code and start promoting the site.

Are there marketing materials available?

- Absolutely, once you are registered as an affiliate you will have access to a page with a collection of marketing assets.

Is there an affiliate dashboard?

- Yes, we have an integrated dashboard with daily, monthly and annual reporting.
- Once you become a Bondage Life affiliate, an additional entry appears on your "MY ACCOUNT" menu in the top right of the site and is labelled "AFFILIATE DASHBOARD".

What if I have more questions or concerns?

- Please feel free to contact us at ADMIN@BLIFEADMIN.COM